1. Tunnel Lake

From the recording Tunnel Lake



the sun is finally shining
been seven days of rain
and Tunnel Lake is sparkling
like diamonds for the pain
you never know when a day like this will come again

you cruise along the water
the wind is whistling by
don’t matter where you’re going
‘cause the beauty is all in the ride
you could close your eyes and be back there
but not quite

'Cause the motor sounds like a hurricane
as you lay that throttle down
but you miss the days when you’re idling
with both feet on the ground

the eagle and the osprey
are talking to your heart
they float behind the mountain
but they’re never very far
I asked them to watch over you
while we’re apart

the sun is sinking down now
the sky’s a coppery brown
you’re heading into town now
and the stars are coming out
it doesn’t get any better all around

but the clouds are slowly gathering
on the south side of the lake
and tomorrow it’ll be pouring again, again