1. Tendercare

From the recording Tendercare



I hear that you’ve been asking about me
I hear you wonder why nobody comes around to see you, to be with you
your telephone is in a bureau drawer
so you don’t have to hear - nobody calling you - no more
close the drawer
you just lie there

a man is screaming somewhere down the hall
the smell of urine seeps into the walls
he’s been screaming there for a year or more
and you just lie there
you just lie there

but I remember you when you were young
a force to be reckoned with
the oracle went always with out mention
but pearls of wisdom fell from your lips
every time I asked a question
now you just lie there

and you say god is great and god is good and god is right beside you
and you’ve got is so much better than some others - well might I remind you that you cried harder than you’ve cried before
as you lie there, and I’m walking out the door

but I remember you when you were young ...

and they come around at three with their nifty little crane
and they pick you up and bring you back into the world again
or maybe it’s at four today ...
or maybe it’s at five ....
or maybe someone down the hall just forgot that you’re alive
cause you just lie there

well everybody seems to agree
what a blessing
her mind is in one piece
so you smell it all and hear it all and take it all in
and mix it with the memories of what used to be and what might have been
as you lie there

but I remember you when I was young.....