From the recording Now I Understand



well there’s no question I’m a woman who’s got the whole world
In the palm of my hand
Got some friends that I can count on, and a bank account to draw on
got a twenty second century man
and a love affair that lingers with the ring around my finger
but I didn’t understand

he and I were walking down the Champs Elysées and talking
about the future, he was holding my hand
he told me nothing could be stronger than the two of us
he was wrong there
but I didn’t understand

see that sunny morning smile
come lie beside me baby for a little while
we can talk about gorillas or the colours in the sky
and we’ll steal time

I close my eyes and now it’s time for your first day of school
and I’m holding your hand
I tell you nothing could be stronger than my love for you
and I know
now I understand
yes I understand
Ooohh baby how I understand