From the recording Everything Changes



kiss your wife goodbye there’s no time for I love you’s
after all there is no reason to believe your tomorrows are all gone

take your seat on the aisle - you don’t like to crawl across your fellow man
but pretty soon you’ll find that changes, as you cling to a fellow hand

and everything changes in the blink of an eye
and everything changes with a flash in the sky

see the tower high, elemental in the sunshine
but turn your back and now it’s nothing more than a dusty tomb of steel and glass and pride

and everything changes in the blink of an eye...

oh we’re in it now
you know we’re in it now
centuries of tit for tat bomb for bomb and this for that
and hatred like we’ve never known before we’re in it now

ghosts rising from the rubble
“what the hell happened here?
we’ll take comfort from each other but who will dry my child’s tears”

everything changes..

kiss your wife goodbye