1. Did I Tell You

From the recording Did I Tell You



Well the honeymoon is over and you’re here to stay
I’m picking up your dirty laundry everyday
Your crumbs on the counters and your towels on the floor
You haven’t sent me flowers in a month or more
I never get love letters at my door
But that’s okay, anyway

‘Cause you’ve seen how I get bitchy when the money’s tight
You’ve seen me without makeup in the bright sunlight
And I don’t always come to be in silky gowns
‘Cause I get crazy every time I put on a few pounds
But I can’t seem to have enough of you around
In the night, and that’s alright

And did I tell you that I love you today
Did I say I want you with me all the way
Well I’ll tell you now, if I may
You’re the light in my life

I curl up and I close my crying eyes to sleep
And into the bedroom you quietly creep
You put your arms around me and you hold me tight
And even though we just had a great big fight
You whisper “I love you” as you turn out the light
And I know you won’t let go

And did I tell you that I love you today...