1. Daddy Please

From the recording Daddy Please



the West Bank stinks of fire and blood
hatred bubbles out of the mud
my god, your god swirl above
I swear that they’ve both forgotten us

holy site for holy site that’s how this whole thing started
well you may have the bigger arms
but I’ll make a better martyr

daddy please the bullets fly
make them stop before we die
will you forgive me if I cry
I’m just so scared

the tanks rolled into Hebron today
Hezbollah has entered the fray
my god, your god - they’ve both wandered away

daddy please, the bullets fly...

cause sticks and stones will break my bones
but that thing of yours will kill
and every drop of blood that’s shed fortifies our will

the West Bank stinks of blood and fire, righteousness and holy ire
my god, your god, they’re getting tired
and something’s gotta give

daddy please...